It’s Movie Night!

by nicholmom3 on October 24, 2009

It is a rainy Saturday night, and we are on a self imposed spending freeze. It’s warm out, but pouring rain, so a walk is out of the question. Around 10 this morning I had a lightning bolt! A movie night! Perfect.

Since we have the little ones only tonight (oldest is at a confirmation sleepover at church) our movie night is going to be Disney themed. First stop, check out what is available on Netflix to add to our instant queue. “Bolt” has recently been added, so that seemed like a logical choice, but in the end we went with Wall-E. Who can resist that cutie little face?

Next up? The food! When we have a movie night, we go all out with the theme. Sooo what could we eat that would relate to Wall-E? I figured I could possibly sneak some veggies in if I made the meal a mish mash. I also thought about how Wall-E’s job was to pack up all the “trash” and make cubes of it. So I ended up making veggie and shrimp croquettes in a cube shape.  We had Eve soup (veggie soup with Orzo in it…convinced the kids it was Eve shaped) and finished off the meal with berry shakes (since everyone on the ship drinks shakes). For a movie snack I made Wall-E Nuts and Bolts.

Usually I like to do a fun craft related to the movie as well, but tonight we just settled on making a few halloween decorations.

The movie is halfway over, paused for a potty break, and the kids are getting sleepy. Success!!

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