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by nicholmom3 on November 17, 2007

By:  AnnaB 

The kids and I decided to get their dad an outdoor cooker for Father’s Day this year.  I am very much into earning rewards from Sunshine Rewards so I searched through SR’s shopping search for the outdoor cooker.  Sure enough, I was able to find the very one we were looking for through SR at for 3% back.  I was pumped! We placed our order for the Bayou Classic 30-qt. Turkey Fryer Kit for $89.99.  We were able to get free shipping along with a great deal (this unit sells for double this at some other retailers) plus my 3% back to go towards our Disney Vacation. 

The kids and I were so excited when it arrived a few days later that we let Mike open it a few days early.  He loved it and wanted to get some recipes so that we could try it out the next weekend.  We wanted to do a seafood boil so I searched through recipes and posted the question on the SR forum to see what I could come up with.  We have been to several crawdad boils which had other foods as well.  Since we are not big fans of crawdads, we decided to change the recipes around a bit to meet our needs.  Here is what we came up with…

We just fill the pot with water and add 3/4 of the container Old Bay crab boil.  Then we add some cloves of garlic peeled, some sliced lemons, some sea salt and black pepper. Bring it all to a boil.

Put in the ingredients that need to cook longer first.

 (Shrimp, scallops and fish only to need to cook a few minutes or they get tough.)

Do it in this order:

*New Potatoes cut in half or quarters
*Corn on the Cob – we like the Niblets

*small whole carrots
*Smoked Sausage cut into 2-inch chunks (this was our favorite ingredient so we add LOTS of this)                                            

*chicken tenders (fresh)

Let it all cook until potatoes are tender and then add any of the following:



Large Scallops
Fish cut into big chunks (thicker like cod – delicate fish will fall apart)

Cook for another 10 minutes. When the fish is cook through (it will flake apart) it’s done. I drain it and serve it in huge pans. Naturally all of this is changeable…you can make it hotter, change out the ingredients to your taste…that is what is so great about this. Needless to say, after trying this we are HOOKED! We loved the boil and have had a couple more with lots of people over and they brought ingredients they wanted to add. This is a GREAT addition to your outdoor kitchen or patio.  Also, Mike said this was the best Father’s Day gift ever.      Bayou Classic Outdoor Cooker

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