Holy Ice Storms Batman…Part II

by nicholmom3 on January 12, 2009


Whether you’re working in a hospital for three days / nights straight or picking up weekend and night shifts at a restaurant for a little extra money, the best tactic is to squeeze in a mini-workout or two throughout the day. Try these tips:

1. Make the most of break time
Exercise at lunch or during breaks in your workday. “Two or three 10-minute walks a day do count,” says Antonucci.

2. Count your steps
Rivera knows a great way to ensure that you’re getting enough exercise: Wear a pedometer! “If you work all day and night with no chance of gym time, aim for 10,000 steps during your work shift,” she says.

3. Maximize days off
Even if it’s just for a few minutes, make sure you do some sort of exercise each day you aren’t working. Antonucci points out that “you may have more days off than the rest of us, so make the most of them.”

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