Holy Ice Storms Batman!

by nicholmom3 on December 14, 2008

Those who listen to the news probably know that the NorthEast got pummeled with a nasty ice storm last week. My husband just heard today from a good friend of his that is in the heart of the ice storm. He has been without power and heat since Friday, and his house is only 29 degrees INSIDE! Yipes.

Thankfully he brought his family to his mother’s house where they can be safe and warm. He did talk to my husband about the damage they have received so far. There is about 2 inches of solid ice covering every inch of his property, he said it sounds like being in a war zone with all the cracking trees. The pipes are freezing, and the pipes attached to the bathroom faucet and shower have already cracked.They lost all their food in the fridge and freezer (though you would think at those temps the food would still be cold enough!) and the electronics all have condensation building up in them. My husband shrieked like a girl on that one, since they are both complete techies, and have a LOT of computer and gaming equipment. Forget the food, what about the xBox!

Our friend went on to state that they were told not to expect power until NEXT FRIDAY! A whole week! They now have a wicked commute to work, their son isn’t sleeping well in a “strange” bed, and the close quarters are getting to them all.

If you know anyone in the area, I would suggest giving them a call. It got pretty bad in western Ma and southern NH, and there are an awful lot of displaced people.

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