Healthy Snacks That Will Get You Through.

by nicholmom3 on September 10, 2008

Don’t groan. This is not a list of different flavored rice cakes and diet foods. I merely want to compile a short list of the foods I buy for those crucial snack times.

There is no way I could go a full day without snacking. I’d certainly go insane and head straight to McDonalds! I try to keep my snacks to under 200 calories, anything more than that and I am looking at a meal. I also try to make those 200 calories count as much as possible, filling, fun, and occasionally containing chocolate.

  • Clementines- these little beauties are perfect to toss in your purse, for those moments when low blood sugar threatens your sanity.
  • Smoked Almonds-satisfy the salty and crunchy cravings like no chip ever could. Keep the portion to 1/2 -1 oz, and pair it with something else, like…
  • Cheese Stick- I buy the light versions, and one stick paired with 1/2 oz almonds fills me right up. Alone you have approx 60 cal, and with the almonds hover right around the 200 mark.
  • Veggies and Hummus- you have to watch your portions with hummus, it can quickly add up. Definately measure it out according to the package guidelines and eat all the veggies your tummy desires!
  • Chocolate!!!!- My favorite chocolate fix is the Hershey’s Sticks and 100 calorie snack packs. I stick with the darkest chocolate I can find for the biggest bang for my caloric buck. The Hershey’s sticks are only 60 calories a pop, so sometimes I even have two! Another favorite is the 100 calorie pretzel pack. Chocolate dipped pretzels, yummy!
  • Tea and Cookies- most of the time I make my own, usually having a homemade biscotti, and a cup of Tazo Zen or Chai tea. I reduce the calories and fat by using natural sweetener and whole grain ingredients whenever practical.
  • Mini bagel- I love to toast a whole wheat mini bagel, and top it with 1/2 tablespoon of roasted almond butter, or apple butter when I crave a sweet. Also watch the portions on that nut butter, the calories can get away from you there!
  • Apples and caramel-No I am not kidding! I slice up an apple, and dip the slices in a small amount of Smuckers Caramel Ice cream topping. Obviously not the high fat/high calorie version, but they make a sugar free verion that is really good.

That’s everything off the top of my head, I’ll be sure to post again with more when I remember them!

Have a yummy snack, and a great day!

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Gracyn July 24, 2011 at 6:51 am

That’s not just logic. That’s really senibsle.

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