Hard Times Call for Great Deals…

by nicholmom3 on December 2, 2008

It must be the time of year for skimpy clothes and re-starting the New Year’s diet efforts, because the news, tv ads, and magazines are loaded with diets and tips for losing weight.  Naturally, all of the diet tv ads always show thin women for their commercials — women and men who don’t need to lose weight. 

This time of year more than ever the pressure is on for us to look and feel thin or be more Barbie-like.  Why do they think overly-thin people look healthy? When someone’s ribs are showing, it makes them look sickly to me.

It is very important to discuss your plans to diet with your doctor before starting.  All diets are not safe nor are they created equal.  It is important to research diets and or pills before beginning a trial.

For instance, if you were considering taking phenphedrine, it would be good to check out the phenphedrine reviews.  You can review many diet pills before trying them.

Here are some tips for successfully keeping weight off, including stepping on the scale regularly, eating lots of protein, drinking 60 ounces of water per day, getting five servings of fruits and veggies a day, sticking with exercise and eating out less often.  Also, it is helpful to take a good multivitamin to make sure you are getting all you need.

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