French Press…Perfection in Coffee

by nicholmom3 on January 23, 2008

In a short one month, I have gone from a person who likes a cup of coffee, to an almost coffee snob. I transformed (some might say “sold out”) from a Dunkin Donuts fan, to a Starbucks loyalist. I started working there for the hours and benefits, and I have learned so many things in the process. One of the most impressionable, the use of a French Press to brew coffee.

If you have never used a French Press, I urge you to seek out a way to try it. Buy a cheapy one at a discount store, or find your local starbucks and request a french press demo. I can guarentee that you have never tasted coffee this way before. I have gone from putting cream and sugar in my cuppa to sipping it black and really reveling in the instrinsic flavors and layers of my “joe”.

I bought my first quality press today, from Starbucks of course. I did have a cheap plastic one, but I wanted a quality press that will last.

French Presses are a lot easier to use than you may think, and it is also the perfect solution to those times when you don’t want a full pot, or when you want to impress a friend with your “french-ness”

Give it a shot! I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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admin January 23, 2008 at 4:28 pm

I don’t even drink coffee and your post has me intrigued. LOL!

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