Fitting Exercise Into Your Life

by nicholmom3 on October 2, 2008

As you may know, I am a stay at home mom to 3 kids. We are a very active family, involved in sports, and thoroughly enjoy the outdoors. I don’t have a gym membership, but do take cardio/weight classes twice a week at a private studio.

In order to fit exercise in whenever I can, I make sure I have the proper equipment at the ready. I have the jogging stroller in the car, along with a bag filled with exercise clothes, snacks, water,swimsuit, towel, and drink powders. Ialso have an iPhone loaded with my favorite exercise playlist at the ready. Really, there are no excuses. I can walk whenever I feel the urge and have some open time. I can head over to the hotel where my brother in law works, and when he is on shift they let us use the pool.

I have a rain cover for the stroller, so even a little rain doesn’t stop me. Our town is pretty walkable so I try to do all my errands on foot. Just the other day I did the grocery shopping, came back home to unload, then walked to the local farmers market. While waiting for the market to open, I walked to the Electric company to pay bills, then to the civic center to sign the kids up for winter activities put on by the town. I hit the dollar store, the market, and then walked home. All told it took a few hours, I got a ton done, and I fit in my exercise for the day!

Give it a try, keep on hand a bag with everything you would need to fit in a little exercise. It could be as little as a clean shirt, deoderant, and some baby wipes, or you could have everything I’ve mentioned. I have a big ol honkin trunk so I go with the full bag. It’s working so far!

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