First Comes Love.

by nicholmom3 on October 29, 2008

Then comes Marriage……

My sister has been married for 4 years this November, and they have finally decided to start trying for a baby!! I never thought I’d see this day, they, like many other young couples, insisted they didn’t want children, and would adopt if they decided later.

Well lately my sister has had a nasty case of baby brain. It’s all she can think about, so if she is anything like me she will be pregnant the next time he sneezes. It seems like the moment I started thinking about baby stuff, I’d be pregnant within weeks!

I’ve been so excited at the thought of being an auntie, but I haven’t been dwelling on it in case she changes her mind. Then the other day she called me up and asked me about baby names!! I thought this was her way of breaking the big news to me, but alas, they are just putting the cart before the horse… :)

I gave her some ideas, none of which she liked. Of course. Then she managed to surprise me again! She sent me an email with baby bedding! I’m not kidding here people…she is already working on a painting for the nursery.

SHE IS NOT EVEN PREGNANT YET!!!I’m afraid to tell her to slow down. I am afraid she is setting herself up for disappointment if she doesn’t get pregnant easily. In fact, they can’t even start TRYING yet until she has the go ahead from her doctor.

Any words of wisdom here? I was a fertile mertyl, so I hope she has as easy a time, but what if she doesn’t? It will be awfully hard to help her from the other side of the country.

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hedy October 29, 2008 at 6:10 pm

No advice, but the phrase “fertile myrtle” made me snort so hard my co-workers started at me.

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