Avoiding Plastics: Mission Impossible?

by nicholmom3 on May 30, 2008

I like to think of myself as a rather health conscious person. I try to make good choices regarding consumption of materials, and I like to think that as a family we are doing a fairly good job. However, I’m getting frustrated with “them”.

“They” are the environmentalists and scientists that led the way towards reducing the use of one time use plastics, such as water bottles. “They” touted the environmental and health benefits of buying hard plastic bottles, such as nalgene. Everywhere I looked, the nalgene bottles made their presence known. At the gym, there was every size and color known to mankind, and I felt like a pariah at my Pilates class the day I forgot mine, so I stopped at the store for a water.

So…I caved. I bought reusable water bottles for everyone in my family. We bought drink mixes in bulk so the kids didn’t have excuses for not drinking water. I keep extras in the car, and I thought we were doing great! Props to the Nicholson Family for one more step to being Green!

Now reports are coming fast and furious about the DANGERS of using hard plastic bottles! Seriously? Don’t these companies do ANY research before marketing products? What disturbs me the most is that the type of plastic they are mentioning is prevelant in baby bottles and the nalgene bottles. Should we panic? No, because that is never a good idea, however I am pretty concerned since Canada is preparing to ban the substance altogether. Freaky? Ummmm….YES! Soooo….what exactly are we supposed to do now?

Apparently, if the recycle code is a 7, you should be cautious. The general line I am hearing is that they “should” be safe so long as you don’t expose them to high temps, like washing in the dishwasher, microwaving with them, and adding hot liquids. While these are easy to avoid, I am really discomforted by the idea that toxic chemicals could be leaching into my kids’ water. I’ve been spending the past few days looking into alternatives, and I’ve found a few products that could help the situation.

The plan of action? I’ll try some new products out, see how they work. I’ll stay away from canned goods for now (I buy tomatoes and beans by the truckload) and I’ll keep watching the pipeline for developments. I’ve found a few reusable bottles that have a code 1, which is supposed to mean they are one time use so I’m going to investigate that further as well. What’s next?

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