At least it isn’t raining

by nicholmom3 on September 26, 2009

This summer was a complete washout for us here in Massachusetts. Unbelievably the cooler weather is upon us and the leaves are already changing from vibrant greens to indescribable reds, yellows and oranges. While I adore the autumn season, I feel like I missed out on something! I didn’t even get to take the kids to the beach one single time! With all the rain we had they are now completely burnt out on going to the museums and aquarium, and playing outside is a novel idea again.

What is new for us this season is having two children in different activities. Up until now it has only been our oldest who played sports. It was never much of a problem piling everyone into the car and heading out to whichever ball field was on the schedule. Now, it seems as though every practice and nearly every game conflicts. I’ll admit, our oldest has had to step to the side a little on this one. After all, this is his third season straight of baseball, and our daughter’s first sport ever. He hasn’t paid any mind though, I think he is more disappointed that he hasn’t been able to attend one of her games yet.

I’ve been slowly learning how to switch from baseball mom to soccer mom. It isn’t as easy as you might think! Baseball is long and drawn out. You can take your eyes off the field every few minutes to attend to the little ones, and still be able to follow along quite easily. Soccer on the other hand, requires your constant attention! Just this morning I took my eyes off my daughter for a moment to wipe my little guy’s boogers, and BAM! She gets hit in the face with the ball. Not hard, but I felt badly that I didn’t notice it happen. She’s a trooper though and shook it off. The other parent’s laughed at me when I cheered her on by congratulating her on the great block! I’m definitely not one of those parents that would rush onto the field, instead I waited for her coaches and the ref to check her, and they gave me the thumbs up. Stage mom, I am not.

So now we are back home, my list to do today is a mile long. I have to finish canning the fruit I’ve been harvesting, sort through all the summer clothes for donation, do another mountain of laundry, wash dry and cover up the outdoor furniture that isn’t being used anymore, and get it all done before the oldest has a baseball game at 5:30! Not to mention tonight is Date Night, so a shower is going to have to finagle it’s way into the equation somewhere. I feel like I am forgetting something important though…

Oh yeah! Sleep. snort. Like THAT one will happen!

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