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by nicholmom3 on November 6, 2009

I’m in a strange mood today. I couldn’t sleep very well last night, thinking about the shootings at Ft Hood, TX yesterday. My thoughts echo those of President Obama. It is hard enough losing the lives of our soldiers overseas, it is beyond tragic and heartbreaking when they are slain on our own soil. Ft Hood was their home, no matter how temporary. One should feel safe in their home, especially when said home is a freaking military base.

It crossed my mind that the soldiers who are responsible may have been suffering PTSS, which is awful, but that just brings up more questions. Where they getting the help they required? Were they just tormented individuals who could not handle the pressure of the military life? Did they gun down friends? Family? I just can’t wrap my mind around it. These are people that have taken an oath to protect the American way of life, yet they were the very ones to take it.

My prayers are with the family and friends of the fallen, as well as with those injured.

On another tangent, if you look back at last weeks posts I spoke of the sister of a longtime friend who was struggling to get a job. I spoke with her the other day, and though she was a communications manager, she is now looking for jobs in finance. Although once you think about it, a communications major could work well for her in that sector. There are so many different opportunities that are opposite from banking and stock trading. She was thinking about going into the non profit sector and helping people with money issues. She wants to help people, and she is staying far far away from the debt consolidation scams that are so prevalent today. Good for her, I hope she succeeds.

My last thought is a rant. Groceries are getting expensive! I just finished my order and I hit my budget long before I got through my list. I tried to go back and pare down, and remove non essentials, but there wasn’t a lot to remove! I’m going to have to get creative on the school snack front, as those are sorely lacking on the list. Coupons haven’t helped, as I haven’t been able to collect many fliers, and I had to pare down our budget so there isn’t a lot of wiggle room for stocking up on sale items.

Ranting over. Have a good day!

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