Active Review: KettleWorx Home Fitness

by nicholmom3 on November 9, 2009

I’ve been using the KettleWorx home fitness system for about 3 weeks, and I have to say it is one of the best programs I have come across for home fitness. It fits just about every requirement for someone who works out at home. There is only one piece of equipment needed, and that is the KettleBell. The workouts are short, but holy cow are they intense! If you aren’t sweating and cursing by the end, you obviously aren’t doing them right.

Here’s what I love: I could do these workouts anywhere. Just last week I brought one dvd and the kettlebell to my parent’s house. I didn’t miss a workout, it was compact, and I was downstairs before breakfast. I really appreciated the program materials that they send in the kit. The nutrition information is great! Kettleworx explains fitness nutrition in laymans terms, explaining why you should or should not eat something. It was easy to make substitutions in the provided meal plan to accommodate my vegetarian lifestyle.

I don’t have the measurements to share just yet, but I feel more fit. I haven’t noticed a big change in my size per se, but I know I have much better stamina and strength. In my line of work I have to consciously maintain pristine posture, or I will have one heck of a sore back by the end of the day. With the core and resistance dvds I’ve noticed it is much easier to maintain that posture, and I don’t have to work so hard at it. My back pain has been greatly minimized!

I will say that the workouts aren’t for the faint of heart (or muscle). If I weren’t’ committed to finishing the six weeks, I could find every excuse in the books to add an extra day or two between the workouts. Thank goodness they are quick! It is easier to get through to the end when you know you only have 5 minutes left. I was afraid that the workouts would get harder and harder to finish, but the opposite is true. They are absolutely more challenging each week, but I wouldn’t say they were “harder”. Besides, as the workouts progress, so have I.

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