Active Re-Review: EA Sports Active for Wii

by nicholmom3 on January 13, 2010

Okie Dokie. A long time ago I did the review for the EA Sports Active for the Wii. I gave it a big ol thumbs up, and used it for awhile, and then fell completely off the WiiFit wagon. I tried it out again last night, and I am giving it one thumb up and one down (is that allowed?)

It is still an amazing workout, trust me when I tell you my thighs are a burnin! today. I think this “game” could absolutely replace a gym membership…that is…if it WORKED reliably! I started off strong running in place (which is sooo not an easy thing to do) On to squats, biceps curls, more squats, a few deep lunges. Then came more cardio. The program has you doing these silly high knee things where you kick your feet back like you are kicking yourself in the butt. I was going strong, getting all kinds of praise when suddenly, the chick (that is supposed to look like me but really doesn’t) just stops and stands still. So I’m still chugging away and she’s barely moving. Talk about irritating. Next up? The inline skating. Ok, that s(@& hurts! It took me awhile to figure out how to do the special moves, and again, half the time I was squatting to beat hell, and the chickie on the screen was still standing.

I finally gave up halfway through the workout. I was hurtin and the instructor was just telling me to follow her movements. It seemed like the further I got into the workout, the worse it tracked my movements. So discouraged.

So, I am moving on. I love using the resistance bands, and I did love having the thigh strap to hold the nunchuk, but what good does it do if the movements are not read? I also don’t agree with the estimated calorie burn. I’m fairly certain I burn more than 117 calories working that hard.

I’m sticking with the good ol’ WiiFit, hoping to upgrade to the latest one, and also looking to get The Biggest loser. I’ll be sure to let you know how they go.

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