Active Advice-The best foods to eat to lose weight

by nicholmom3 on November 7, 2009

First, a disclaimer. I am not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV. I am only speaking from my personal experience, not from any perceived medical knowledge. Take that as you will!

I’ve learned over the past few years that there are certain foods that are better for you than others. (duh) While I personally don’t buy the whole “negative calorie” theory, I do believe there are multiple foods that can be called natural fat burners.Obviously we all know that celery is purported to have so few calories that we burn more chewing it! Apples and spinach also fall into the category of giving us more bang for the chewing buck. What I believe is the trick, filling up on vegetables that are high in nutrients and fiber, allowing us to hit the magic number of fewer calories in than burned, thereby losing weight.

I get it. Not everyone is cut out to stuff their faces with veggies. So start small. Use every “diet” trick in the book. Use a smaller plate at dinner. Chew everything 26 and a half times. Drink a full glass of ice cold water before every meal (ice cold because your body will have to work harder to bring it to temperature). Let veggies take over 3/4ths of your plate. Make sure you don’t top them off with butter! Seriously, at least one of these things will work. Let’s just throw the book at fat and see what happens.

Other veggies that hit my faves list?

Pickles (watch the sugar)
cauliflower (mashed instead of potatoes)
Greens (Mustard and Collard are yummmmmmy)

Stop making faces. They are good for you and better than that Big Mac. :)

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