A Guide To My Favorite Newsletters

by nicholmom3 on April 10, 2008

I have mentioned in previous posts that I subscribe to a lot of newsletters. In fact, I could be labeled a newsletter junkie. Anyway, in my internet travels, I’ve found some really great ones, and some forgetable ones. Here is a short list of some of my favorites.


Recipe4Living- One of my latest finds. This site is absolutely packed with healthy and mouthwatering recipes. I haven’t yet poked around the rest of the site, but I’m sure it is great.

VegWeb.com- This is my go to site for all things vegetarian. There are some amazing recipes here posted by members. I get both the daily AND weekly recipe emails, as there are different recipes in each. Great stuff!

Weekly Recipe (Parents.com)- When you register at Parents.com it actually gives you a huge list of options for different newsletters. And don’t make the mistake of thinking this one is just for parents. There *are* a lot of recipes geared towards families, but they are healthy and yummy for those sans kids as well. I registered for a LOT of newsletters through this website, and it is very user friendly change and update which ones you’d like and not like to recieve.

VeganCoach- This one can’t come out often enough for me! I’ve been going through all the back issues in between newsletters. This is a great one for those wanting to explore healthy, whole eating. Sassy tells it like it is, and has some phenomenal recipes!


Some of these might not apply to you if you aren’t in MA, but hopefully they will give you a few ideas to poke around your area for customized newsletters.

Boston Central- I get this weekly newsletter and LOVE IT! It lists a ton of activities in the Boston area, and best of all, each activity has it’s own page that you can visit to get directions, cost, reviews, ect. I’ve found some true gems through this handy list.

Preschool-Teen Weekly- This has a few options to customize which ages you need it for. Again accessible through the parents.com newsletter, these are always full of activity ideas and good age appropriate tips for parents.

Disney Related Newsletters

Disney.com- Man, I recieve a TON from this site. Mostly because I want as many opportunities as I can to get a PIN attached to my name, but also because I want to be up on all the latest and greatest from my favorite place in the world!

Fitness/Healthy Living

TheFitList- I just recently signed up for this one, but so far I like what I see. Lots of outside activities and the latest email had great “green-living” tips too. Love that!

SparkPeople- This isn’t just a newsletter, but a great resource for anyone wanting to lose weight and change for life. Create a group with work buddies, or internet buddies, and encourage each other each step of the way. The emails have great inspiring stories and health tips. 

Well, I have a lot more, but this post is getting crazy long! Look for part 2 coming soon!
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cate April 10, 2008 at 7:21 pm

Thanks for the list! I’ll have to check a few of those out.

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