by nicholmom3 on August 24, 2010

For all you folks doing back to school shopping, you know how tough it can be to keep track of which kid needs which folder, color pens, highlighters ect. I used to separate everything in to bags, but then you have to pull everything out to make sure you didn’t forget something important.

I have a few little tricks to keep everything organized. First, I scrounge one box for each kid. It has to be wide enough to fit notebooks and folders, and I add a shoebox in each one. I use personalized labels to put their names on EVERYTHING, (except the teen, he’d kill me) All loose pens, pencils, and markers go in the shoebox, the notebooks and folders stand up, and I can take a quick look to see what is still needed. I also tape a copy of the school list to the outside and cross items off as I place them in the box.

I keep these boxes throughout the year. As the kids need supplies, they go to THEIR box. There is no tapping into someone else’s supplies. I refill the boxes from time to time from my main stash, mostly the pens and pencils. I try to way over buy when I hit a sale, because I know come January the notebooks need replacing and the folders can’t be taped anymore.

The labels are key though. I got them with my company order of business printing services so they were short money. I try to bulk order whenever possible, to reduce my out of pocket expenses, but also to reduce my time involved.

If anyone has any special tricks about organizing school supplies for the year, please post!

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