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The Busy Life is True

November 2nd, 2008 · 2 Comments

It seems I have the perfect title for my blog, “The BUSY Life of a Single Mom.”  Life is so busy that I feel like I’m getting nothing accomplished, my to do list only gets longer and longer.  Yep…..that’s my life.  I’ve got so many things I enjoy that are not getting much time right now.  My blogging here and on my other site, All About Kimberly, are both lacking.  I’m in the process of a redesign over at All About Kimberly that is only half way done too.  My email inbox is filling up more and more.  I haven’t completed an offer or survey over on Sunshine Rewards in forever and couldn’t even tell you the last time I got to hang out on the forum, and I miss my Sunshine friends.  :(  I barely finish lesson plans and grading on time.  My house almost always looks like a tornado just blew through.  I try to work on or make time for all of these things, but I’ve found two things – 1st I’m exhausted.  I get very little done at home because when I’m home, I want to sleep. And 2nd – I might just have ADD – I can’t focus.  I start so many of the things on my “to do” list to only get distracted by something else that gets half done because I again get distracted and start something else.  *sigh*  It’s a never ending process.So what is there to do?  I don’t know really, but I’m going to try to create myself a schedule for the hours beyond the work day, do what I can during the time allotted for different tasks, and (this may be the hard part) make myself stay on the task that has been scheduled knowing that I have a time set aside to work on whatever is trying to distract me.  Will this work? I don’t know.  But I’m hoping that this will help a lot with my newfound Attention Deficit Disorder.  Now what to do about the constant tiredness, I don’t know.  I’m clueless.  It’s not more sleep.  The amount of sleep I get has no impact. Anyone have any ideas, please feel free to share. Oh, and Happy belated Halloween!!  :) 

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  • 1 nicholmom3 // Nov 6, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    Are you eating well? I don’t mean just getting your meals in, but are you eating healthy enough?
    I would really take a hard look at your diet and make sure you are getting enough B vitamins. I get tired about halfway through each month, normally when I used to have PMS.
    My doctor recommended B6 supplements, and now I take them when my diet doesn’t supply enough of them naturally.
    You might also want to talk to your doctor about a possible thyroid issue. I know when I had thyroid problems, I gained weight, was exhausted all.the.time. and couldn’t concentrate very well. A tiny little pill fixed me flat, and my body healed quickly.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  • 2 threeundertwo // Nov 9, 2008 at 10:35 pm

    I was going to suggest getting bloodwork too. My thyroid was out of whack and I was sleepy all the time and gained a lot of weight.

    I think a lot of us feel like we have ADD. I invite you to join in my “Finished for Friday” posts. You can link up with *anything* you’ve finished during the week. It gives me goals to shoot for and a sense of accomplishment. People are sharing crafts, painted nails, you name it. Just a thought.

    Get 1 room of the house shiny (and a bathroom too) and you’ll start to feel better.

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