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The Busy Life is True

November 2nd, 2008 · 2 Comments

It seems I have the perfect title for my blog, “The BUSY Life of a Single Mom.”  Life is so busy that I feel like I’m getting nothing accomplished, my to do list only gets longer and longer.  Yep…..that’s my life.  I’ve got so many things I enjoy that are not getting much time right now.  My blogging here and on my other site, All About Kimberly, are both lacking.  I’m in the process of a redesign over at All About Kimberly that is only half way done too.  My email inbox is filling up more and more.  I haven’t completed an offer or survey over on Sunshine Rewards in forever and couldn’t even tell you the last time I got to hang out on the forum, and I miss my Sunshine friends.  :(  I barely finish lesson plans and grading on time.  My house almost always looks like a tornado just blew through.  I try to work on or make time for all of these things, but I’ve found two things – 1st I’m exhausted.  I get very little done at home because when I’m home, I want to sleep. And 2nd – I might just have ADD – I can’t focus.  I start so many of the things on my “to do” list to only get distracted by something else that gets half done because I again get distracted and start something else.  *sigh*  It’s a never ending process.So what is there to do?  I don’t know really, but I’m going to try to create myself a schedule for the hours beyond the work day, do what I can during the time allotted for different tasks, and (this may be the hard part) make myself stay on the task that has been scheduled knowing that I have a time set aside to work on whatever is trying to distract me.  Will this work? I don’t know.  But I’m hoping that this will help a lot with my newfound Attention Deficit Disorder.  Now what to do about the constant tiredness, I don’t know.  I’m clueless.  It’s not more sleep.  The amount of sleep I get has no impact. Anyone have any ideas, please feel free to share. Oh, and Happy belated Halloween!!  :) 

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The Next Disney Plan In The Works

October 6th, 2008 · 3 Comments

I’m so excited.  The 2010 Disney cruises were released today.  We are planning on making the summer of 2010 a HUGE Disney extravaganza – taking 2 cruises and visiting Walt Disney World (and actually after looking at one of the cruises, maybe even doing the Disney in Paris).  If you think you are interested, you should head over to the Disney Cruise website and start looking. You can begin making reservations October 14th!  That’s right around the corner, and from everything I’ve found while researching these cruises, prices will just go up and up and up as time passes. Being a single mom, we only have one source of money – my paycheck so planning far ahead and getting the best prices are key.So what are we planning?For sure I want to do a 5 night Bahama cruise in June.  My first preference is June 22 as then we can start off with a couple weeks in Disney World and then do the cruise, but I’m not opposed to June 8th as I have a feeling it might be a little cheaper.Then comes the biggest decision – EUROPE!  Yes.  We’ve never been outside of the US and across the border into Mexico so a European Cruise has Becka and I even more excited than you can imagine.  Because we’ll be limited by school schedules, we are looking at  two options – either the 8 day Dover to Barcelona or the 11 Night Mediterrean Cruise.  I read on a Disney forum that DLP is not all that far from Dover soooo…..if we do the 8 day, we’ll go early (we hope) and do some sightseeing and fun before that cruise…turning it into a 11 day or so experience!!Can you tell how excited I am?  I feel so crazy to be so actively planning and getting this excited over a vacation that won’t happen until Summer 2010!!  But I am!  This is going to be so great!  Our first cruise  - doing TWO in one summer – and then they are DISNEY cruises!!!  Could it get any better?Are you a cruiser? a Disney cruiser?  I’m ready for tips!  :)  

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Google Updating PR’s so Soon?

September 28th, 2008 · No Comments

Rumors are circulating that Google is handing down PR (page ranks) to the World Wide Web again.  It looks like here at my Busy Life I’m gaining PR depending on how you access my site.  See to come here myself, and if I type my address somewhere out there on the web, I access  This address has a ranking of 2 now (according to various prchecker sites I’ve found and my Google toolbar I have installed in Firefox)!!  I’m so excited!  However, if you come to my site via (which is how you probably got here if you clicked from the Chatty Women home page), I have a PR of 0!  Isn’t this weird?  To me it is.  I do understand (slightly) that Google picks it up differently, but I still find it odd. So if you are watching your Google PR and can get to your website by typing in more than one URL, be sure to check each way when checking your PR, and if you are trying to raise your PR, be sure to be consistent when you type your address on any other websites out there so that all the links coming in to your site are the same. 

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Blog Giveaway: Win A Book for Your Little Girl

September 14th, 2008 · 1 Comment

If you’d like to win a great piece of little girls’ “chick lit,” go check out another of my blogs, All About Kimberly.  The contest ends tomorrow (Sunday) though so you’ll need to head over there quickly.  The books is called “A Little Bit of Faith” and is the first in a series from the makers of Precious Moments. The series is called “The Precious Girls Club.” This is one of the best books that I’ve read with my daughter in a long time. We’ve each now read the book 3 times.  I read it alone and twice with Cameron.  She’s also read it with our grandmother.  My only disappointment? That there’s only one book out in this series so far.  If you are looking for a wholesome early chapter book for your daughter, granddaughter, niece or any other little girl in your life, head over and get yourself entered.  I have four books to giveaway to four different lucky winners!! On this site you’ll also find a mom review (my perspective of the book) and a Cameron perspective (my 8 year old’s thoughts after we finished it the first time).

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Ike Made It By

September 14th, 2008 · No Comments

Ike has pretty much made it by our area of Texas.  We actually had very little rain (to my surprise).  The wind did get fierce at times, but overall it still wasn’t as bad as I would have guessed it to be.  We came to my parents’ house last night as they live in town in a sturdier house – so safer and with electricity a lot more frequently.

Electricity went out about 4 this morning and came back on between 4 or 5 this evening – so basically we went about 12 hours without electricity.  Now I’ve already made calls to the family in my neighborhood and they are still without power.

Local news is reporting that trees are down and lots of main roads are blocked.  There are actually 2 main highways out of our town that interestingly enough go north, south, east and west.   According to the local radio station this afternoon, all 4 were blocked going out of  our town by trees across the roads.  So I haven’t had a chance to even go home yet and check on things, but I plan to do so in the morning.

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Come On Ike!!

September 12th, 2008 · No Comments

That’s my feelings today.  We’ve been up and waiting on the first signs all day, but alas, today is a hot summer day here in East Texas….not even seeing the wind yet.  Honestly, I’d almost rather be in school.  Sitting around watching the weather makes me nervous.  Of course every newscaster is stressing that even though still a Category 2, the size makes Ike really dangerous.  Being the distance from the coast I am, the size make Ike much more dangerous for us as it means that he’ll be big enough to really cause damage here…hours from the coast.  I’ve cleaned house.  I’ve graded papers.  I’ve got everything done I can think of to prepare….Now if he’s coming, I just wish he’d get here and get it over with.  *sigh*

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Hunkering Down

September 12th, 2008 · No Comments

  • The flashlights are on the dining room table along with extra batteries.
  • The rechargeable lanterns are charged.
  • Cell phones are charged.
  • Unused electronics unplugged.
  • Freezer stocked with food.
  • Laundry Done. Dishes done.
  • Only a half tank of gas, but won’t drive more than 15 miles max in the next 3 to 4 days.
  • Extra Candles sitting out just in case.
  • Crank radio and crank flashlight on dining room table.

This are the chores I’ve been working on this evening.  I live in East Texas – aways from the coast, but Ike is headed our way – directly our way.

Today by lunch many schools had announced their closures for Friday. Some even released after lunch today (Thursday) so that they could make room for those driving through evacuating.  Many football games were moved ahead of their normal Friday night mania to tonight (my #1 favorite team Shelbvyille beat Mt. Enterprise!  Go Dragons!!).  Even more games were actually cancelled!!  No big storms yet, but we have at least 3 major highways going through our area that are being used for evacuation. I haven’t been to town yet, but if it gets like Rita, you can’t even get across my town as one of those main highways goes through the middle and will be back to back traffic.  Locals are stuck on one side or the other.

We are watching closely.  My parents live in town. Dad especially doesn’t like the idea of us not already being there, but I’m holding out a little longer.  We may load up tomorrow evening/night and head that way if it still looks to be bad.  But for now we are staying home – unless we lose power…and then we’ll be loaded up and headed to town asap!

Stay tuned for updates.  Until power does die, I’ll try to login and keep everyone updated every few hours.

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Watching Ike

September 7th, 2008 · 2 Comments

After anxiously watching Gustav last weekend, we were fortunate enough to avoid much of any repercussions beyond a couple hours of mild wind storms and a couple days of constant drizzle (enough to turn my pool green  *sigh*).  But now our eyes are back on the ocean…this time watching Ike.  I’m anxiously watching to see how he fairs as he hits the Gulf and what direction he will turn.  The last “guesstimation” I saw had him heading in our general direction; however, every meteorolgist I’ve seen so far has said that really it’s all still a guess until he actually makes it into the Gulf.

I saw were some of the southern Louisiana residents are just now heading home with this uncertainty of will they even get to stay there long?   Also because Gustav did not cause the damage that was predicted, officials are worried that this time if Ike heads their way, people may choose not to evacuate.

I’m fortunate enough to live far enough inland that I’m not sure that any hurricane would cause us to evacuate, but we still do have the potential to have lots and lots of wind and rain damage.  Looks like it will be hitting wherever it is headed Thursday and Friday.  Keep everyone that lives in the Gulf on your mind and in your prayers.  This is a very active hurricane season that seems we’ll have no choice but to watch closely.

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Praying for Gulf Coast Residents

September 1st, 2008 · 2 Comments

I would never wish for anything such as Gustav, but I’m actually very thankful that it is in fact hitting during a holiday. Because we are out of school for Labor Day, I’m able to sit here and watch and stay educated. It’s horrendous to see the damage caused by this storm. They are projecting that we will in fact have storms ourselves, but it will be nothing like what we are seeing on the news today in Louisiana and Mississippi. It’s so frightening.  Anyone out there surfing the web today, please take a moment to say a short prayer for all of the Gulf Coast Residents whose homes and lives are in such peril today.

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School is Back In Session

August 25th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Texas schools are back in session. Almost across the state, public schools started back today (state law prohibits us from starting sooner).  I saw all 90ish of my students today and have decided I’ve been teaching too long (only 8 years), but honestly at the end of the day, my first thoughts were “another first day…they are all the same.” But honestly, I remember being nervous, and then they started feeling sort of the same, but there were lots of fresh faces so that added a little spice to the picture. Today though, there were few fresh faces – after all I’m the English department so I taught the sophomores, juniors and seniors last year.  Only the 16 freshman were new – one class!

Overall though it was a good first day, and maybe the best part was seeing Cameron running across the campus this afternoon full of excitement ready to tell me how great the first day of 3rd grade was.  She was literally bubbling over to tell me all about her classes, and then when we got home she just had to walk down and tell Mamaw about her day.  I miss those days…high school students are NOT excited to be there and past the point of even pretending.  :)

Now the school/student stories will start……stay tuned.

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