How to Make Balluminaries

by Sommer on November 21, 2014

I was the perfectly crafty, fun, organized mom…to my first child. Now that there are three boys any craft idea that comes to mind (and from time to time they do), I put it on a mental list of “things the babysitter can do with the boys.” Honest, I’ve delegated crafts to the (extremely creative and patient) babysitter. Every now and then however a craft comes along that requires simple supplies, five minutes and has a coolness factor that the kids can engage in.

Now, I didn’t invent Balluminaries in fact, I was attempting to make giant ice marbles out of balloons. But I decided to be the guinea pig for anyone who has seen them on Pinterest or Facebook. So here is a super simple, super easy, fun craft to do with your kiddos and they can have fun decorating your frozen outdoor landscape.


  • Balloons
  • Food color
  • Freezing cold temperatures (or a freezer)

To make:

  • Put a few drops of food color in to an empty balloon
  • Fill balloon with water (be careful or you’ll have food color water all over the place!) and tie
  • Have the kids place them out in the snow (or sidewalk but make sure the outside of the balloon is completely dry or it will freeze to the sidewalk).
  • Leave outside until frozen.
  • Cut balloon off of the outside (cut over a sink, there might be water on the inside so cut over a sink.

The beauty is that each one is unique and imperfect and so smooth. Make them as large or small as you like. The fun part about this craft (besides that it’s a quick one) is that you can experiment with different sizes, colors and shapes—the product will be a unique, super smooth, colorful ice art!

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