Teaching Your Daughter Real Life Skills For When She’s Older

by +Tricia on January 26, 2012

One thing that is extremely important in raising your kids is to help them become ready for adulthood.  In the age of the give me generation it is hard to find reliable, self sufficient and resourceful talent in the workforce.  By helping your little girl begin to learn grown up skills when she is young you can give her a head start in the real world.  Here are 5 ways that you can help her feel more mature, learn real life skills and also get to spend some quality time bonding with her.

1.  Pay an allowance with a prepaid credit card or teach her with a checking account.  One thing that many younger people don’t understand is the value of money or how to not abuse a credit card/checking account.  By depositing her allowance twice a month into a prepaid card or checking account with a debit card she’ll have a head start in live learning about overdrawing, checking your balance and saving.  Not to mention she’ll feel grown up around her friends.

2.  Teach her about rewarding yourself after working hard and how to distress.  One of the perfect things to teach your daughter is how to relax with a spa day after she has studied hard for a test and gotten an A as well as getting a makeover and a manicure pedicure.  Start with buying a girls robe and then have a spa day at home where you do her nails, give her a bath with salts and also reward her with some chocolates and sparkling juice.  You will need to supervise this though as some of the products and activities can be dangerous.

3.  Tea parties with manners.  A popular and fast growing trend in the US is tea parties for women.  One way to help your daughter learn about proper table manners and how to make small talk when in any situation is to let her pick out a Sunday styled dress and to participate.  Make sure you practice at home by letting her know what piece of silverware is for what and to make sure that they keep their mouths closed when they chew.  Not only will this help them in business settings or taking clients out to dinner, but if you tell your friends ahead of time to compliment her on how well behaved and mannered she is the proper manners and ability to make small talk may stick with her easier.

4.  Cooking night with a professional chef.  This is one where you will need to supervise.  Hire a chef for the day to teach you how to cook a meal.  Invite other working moms over and have them bring their daughters.  Have the chef serve the kids sparkling juice and the grown ups get wine or champagne.  Make the daughter responsible for setting up the meal, organizing the times, place settings, what goes on when and which rooms everything should be in and then the next night have the daughters prepare the meal.  Not only will this help them to learn organization, but they will also be learning how to be a project manager.  You could also do this with their birthday parties and other family events.  Let them learn how to take charge, run an event, make sure everything happens according to their schedule and if something goes wrong, problem solve a solution for it.  These are all fun and valuable skills that she will be proud of and able to use in the work world regardless of which field she goes into.

5.  Have them build a blog or website.  One thing that you can do to help your daughter learn a new skill is to set up a simple wordpress blog and teach her about writing and monetizing the site.  Do some research on things like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and watch a short video on how to read analytics.  Then you can sit back and watch your daughter begin to build a business and learn how to market it and generate her own income.  It will teach her discipline, business and how to be independent.

There are numerous things that we can do to help our girls grow up prepared to be self-sufficient professionals who can conquer the world.  By letting them organize our events, teaching them how to earn money as well as manage a credit card and budget their allowance, you can feel confident that when she grows up to become an adult she will be better prepared.

Mary is a homemaker from the Washington DC area.  With a love for theatre, showtunes and helping her community, she is a firm believer in teaching kids how to act when they are young so that they can grow up to be perfect adults.

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