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Way to go Windex!

April 3rd, 2008 · 1 Comment

Finally a well known brand won my heart with a product than can do it all for me.  My new favorite product is Windex Antibacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner.  I saw the commercial some time ago and thought “Ya, whatever.  Sounds nice, but probably doesn’t work well for everything”.  BOY WAS I PUT IN MY PLACE!  Just so happens I was out of regular Windex and when starring at the varieties on the shelf this new one threw itself at me.  I needed to clean the windows and was worried at first that what ever concoction that was put together to make my Windex good for other surfaces would make my windows look like crap instead.  Don’t worry , they turned out okay.  So, I decided I would move along to the stove and sink.  Hmm, not bad.  I took it long with me to the bathroom.  Now here is where the magic happened.  I did my regular cleaning, you know, toilet, sink, floor.  Then went to dust the door and got to the grafite dust from the hinges that decorate the white door oh-so nicely.  Before today I would get so ticked trying to clean them because I would always make matters worse.  So, with my potion in hand, I sprayed the hinges and before my eyes the black dust ran down the door like melted butter.  I screamed like I had just seen a tarantula.  I ran to tell my husband (like I thought he would share in my excitement too!).  Then, before anything else, I cleaned every door in the house to see it happen, over and over again.   Windex Antibacterial Multi-Surface is now making everything in my house beautiful!

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Beauty in Kindness

November 30th, 2007 · 2 Comments

So I have to share with everyone something that happened to me recently.  My 2 year old son has asthma and has been on steroids in a nebulizer since he was just months old.  If you have used this machine before, you will understand when I say it’s like wrestling a greased pig to get any child to sit still long enough, especially a two year old boy. Well, since he has gotten a little older we decided to try the inhaler. 

We got the first one a couple months ago and have done fairly well with it.  A couple weeks ago, it was time to get the script refilled.  I called in the refill.  Mid day that same day the pharmacy manager calls to tell me that they filled the script the first time at the wrong dosage.  Now, being the first time having an inhaler, I was like “OH MY GOD. ARE YOU SERIOUS?”.  You would have thought I was menopausal because I had a hot flash like no other.  The pharmacists calmed me a bit telling how she had been in contact with the doctor and asthma specialist several times already to find out if there were any negative affects that could come from the mistake.  She was very genuine in her concern for my son.  After talking with the asthma specialists myself, I found out that the inhaler delivers such a small amount of steroid with each puff that the wrong dosage was not enough to harm him or to have any long term affects.

I had swallowed my heart by the time I got to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription.  The pharmacy manager wanted to talk to me herself.  She was so apologetic and concerned about what I found out myself from the doctor.  She gave me the refill for free and even gave me a refund for the difference in price from what I received the first go around and what I should have received.  I was so overwhelmed that they wanted to give it to me for free that it brought tears to my eyes.  I had to purchase the inhaler anyway and the refund would have sufficed but she insisted.  Granted, it wasn’t money out of her pocket, but she so sincere and took the mistake to heart and wanted to make it right. 

 This random act of kindness is something that you don’t come across very often these days.  The pharmacist didn’t know me from Adam, but she acted as if I was the most important person at that moment.  She wanted to make sure I was happy with the resolution and that my son’s health was not affected.  For that moment, I truly felt special.  Beauty can be found in a person who truly cares for a stranger!

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What does it mean to be “beautiful”?

November 27th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Hello there and welcome to Beautiful You.  My name is Bobbi and I am a Licensed Esthetician.  Most people I have met haven’t heard that word and have no idea what it is.  In Layman’s terms, it’s a licensed skin care technician.  It’s that person that most of us only dream of seeing because our lives are to busy for the pampering of a spa getaway, hence the reason that we don’t know what the heck an esthetician does.  I had studied some massage therapy and was actually looking for schooling for that license when I came across the esthetic program (which includes massage).  I was pleasantly surprised to learn what an esthetician is and figured, heck why not get the best of both worlds for once.  I love the field because with every appointment it gives me a chance to make someone happy.  That’s what I feel makes me beautiful, my desire to make others feel good.  What makes you feel beautiful?  What is beautiful?  I think the topic could take us in so many different directions and I am thrilled to lead us there!! 

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